Valerie has been an adviser to me since around 2002.  She is highly intuitive and has the ability to hone in on the energies surrounding the person(s) and situations that one may inquire about with uncanny accuracy. Her ethical standards are such that she will not tell a client what they want to hear, she will not guess or make up things, she will tell the client exactly what she picks up.  No person is 100% but her accuracy rate is extremely high; otherwise, I would not be a repeat client.

She is non-judgmental in her readings.  What is different about her readings is that you can ask a direct question or she can scan your energy field and pick up information.  This technique allows the client the freedom to choose what aspects of their life they would like to focus the reading instead of wasting time and money on insignificant parts.  She has a great grasp of the human condition and how it functions within the whole of life that when she interprets the information it is spoken with the highest level of understanding.  I highly recommend this reader.

Joyce in Boston, MA

Valerie is one of the few readers I've spoken with through the years who has been so thoroughly "on it" that the validations keep coming in.  Recently she did a reading on what to expect coming up since it was my birthday.   One of the first predictions was validated within a week of our reading and was so big that there was NO WAY she could have ever come up with this off the top of her head without being a clear channel with actions and details.  When I find someone this accurate I am tempted to keep her "my little secret".  Valerie is a genuine psychic with genuine abilities and I highly recommend her.

Susan in San Antonio, Texas

I have been reading with Valerie for over 4 years now.  She continually provides insight to what is going on behind the scenes and helps me empower myself.  Valerie has been an anchor at times in my life when things were so confusing and I didn't know which way to turn.  Her work is amazing.  I find the best part of my readings with Valerie is how she continually is supportive but makes me aware that I deserve my dreams and I can reach for them.  She encourages me to release my fear and anxiety about any given situation and to open myself up to new possibilities even when it's uncomfortable for me to do so.  Her relationship advice is so accurate and she always tells me how she sees it.  I have grown as a person from consulting with Valerie over the years and that has been invaluable to me.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow and develop into the person they know they can be despite their surroundings and the people around them that hold them back.

Thanks for never giving up on me..Valerie.
Vickie in Minnesota

Valerie has been reading for me for 3 years. Her abilities have no end. She has not only made predictions that have come to pass she has also tapped into the people I ask about. She sees their emotions and intentions and every time I get confirmation!!! She is a sweet soul and will always show you the way of truth even when it seems things are impossible. I'm never disappointed with Valerie's readings. She is truly 100% gifted!! Thank you Valerie!

Monique in Chino, California

Valerie guided me recently through a love situation which was triggering old patterns and old fears... with her guidance and spiritual healing, she helped me navigate through a personal block that I was experiencing and move forward in life..the end results is growth, healing and a deep feeling of peace.

Nicole in Montreal, Quebec, Canada